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Infrared Fraxel

Our infrared Fraxel has been our go to anti aging treatment for years. New treatments are coming out every day, but none match the safety and efficacy of the Fraxel SR (?)

Fraxel treatments create hundreds of tiny, heated columns (microscopic thermal zones – MTZ) in the skin, like pixels in a photo. As they heal, your skin exfoliates and new collagen forms.

We like this treatment for several reasons

  • We are able to target the depth of treatment that is needed for a specific goal. Pigmentation and fine, crepey lines may only need a superficial depth whereas deeper creases and pitted acne scars need deeper penetration.
  • The skin remains intact so the risk of complications goes way, way down.
  • We can treat every skin type, regardless of color, texture, oiliness, etc.
  • We can treat any body area. The most popular area is the face followed by the neck, chest and hands.
What are the downsides?

1. Most people experience redness and swelling for 1 – 3 days, as the healing process begins. Most people stay close to home for the first few days.

2. As the MTZ’s heal and come to the surface, your skin has a sandpaper-like feel. You may look tanned/bronzed as well. This lasts about a week. Most people return to all their normal activities during this time.

3. Three sessions are needed. We feel that the inconvenience of making three appointments is worth it when compared to the risks of more aggressive “ablative” lasers.

What is it like to get a treatment?

1. First, we take baseline photos to monitor your results.

2. Then we apply a topical anesthesia over the area that we are going to treat.

3. After removing the topical anesthesia, we ask you to hold a cooling fan while a small roller is rolled up and down each area to be treated. The tiny infrared pulses sound like a bird chirping.

4. Once the treatment is completed, we apply a hydrating mask and then we will go over the regimen that you will follow over the next few days.

5. Once your series of three treatments is completed, we ask you to come back in for repeat photos so you can see the results of this effective treatment.